Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why Family Courts Prefer Hair Drug Testing
Most Judges and Attorneys working in child custody matters and other matters in Family Court recognize the distinct advantages that hair drug testing has over urine drug testing. An individual who is using a drug will incorporate that drug into the hair that is being formed at the time of use. Once incorporated, the drug remains in that portion of hair and serves as an historical record of drug use. The time period of this drug use record is only limited by the length of the donor's hair (each inch of hair represents a 2 month record of drug use). This record may be contrasted with the "detection window" of drug use obtained from a urine sample which is normally only 3-4 days after drug use. In addition, there are many ways that an individual can do something to his or her body or voided urine sample that will prevent detection of drug use. Products sold on the internet or through retail outlets are successful at masking the presence of drugs in a urine sample. Even the simple act of drinking excess water may prevent the detection of drug use in a urine drug test. Hair drug testing is not affected by these products and is a much more reliable testing modality.

In addition, hair samples may be segmented into several sections to provide information about when drugs were used.