Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Urine Adulteration, Part 3

We have been discussing the ways individuals, who are motivated to beat a drug test, can prevent detection of drugs in their urine sample. Today we will discuss the use of GLUTARALDEHYDE containing products. Glutaraldehyde is a toxic substance, used in pathology laboratories to fix (preserve) tissues that are undergoing pathologic examination. It is also used as a disinfectant. Glutaraldehyde works by binding to proteins and preventing them from accomplishing their biologic function. This substance is used as a masking agent in urine drug testing by preventing the detection of drugs by interfering with the immunoassay that is used in the screening portion of the test. The product is added to the urine sample after voiding (glutaraldehyde is a toxic substance and cannot be consumed). The laboratory has various means at it's disposal to detect the presence of glutaraldehyde in an adulterated sample. Glutaraldehyde is not a normal constituent of urine and it's presence is proof of specimen tampering. Glutaraldehyde containing products are readily available on the internet for the purpose of hiding drug use.

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